Carl Marr… Far from Home

At the young age of 16, Carl Marr left his home and family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to study art abroad in Munich, Germany.  The story goes that this homesick lad had shared his feelings of  sadness with his maid when he left go visit friends for a Christmas eve gathering.  Upon his return, Carl had been beautifully moved by the kind gesture of his maid friend who had set up this tree in hopes to lift the boy’s spirits.  In fact he was so inspired, he set up his easel and recorded the scene for generations to enjoy.  This work of Carl’s has always been one that I have been taken by and when visiting the museum, I make it a point to soak in its ambiance.

Apart from its general beauty, I have noticed several technical things that may be of interest…. Notice that every square inch of the canvas has an influence of red and green in it to balance the harmony.  As he did this from life, it makes seeing all of the color and attaining that  harmony much easier.  In terms of value, notice how much darker the tablecloth is compared to the candle flames.  This is necessary in order for the light effect to read.  In terms of edge, I have taken note of how Carl has softened the “architecture” of the furniture so as to keep the interest on the focal point.

Lastly, included below is a work that I  completed that features a stable or creche that my great-grandfather built for his family many, many years ago.  Enjoy… and Merry Christmas!

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2 responses to “Carl Marr… Far from Home

  • Betty Nance Smith

    Thank you Dan for sharing the amazing painting by Carl Marr. Even on the computer there is a lot to enjoy and learn from. i bet in person it is mesmerizing. Thanks also for sharing your family creche with us. What a wonderful idea for a painting that can be cherished for many years by your kids…then theirs…then…
    We hope that you all have a truly blessed Christmas…and a lot of fun!!!!
    Love to you all,
    Betty and Roger

  • myra Thiessen

    Dan thank you so much for taking the time to share and care about other artist, I have your art video and i have watched it 100 times by now . Since your video I have commissioned 2 jobs I have learned so much from you
    Thank you God Bless you and your family Myra in florida

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