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New Video… “The Beginning of Autumn”

The changing of seasons has always been great source of inspiration for me through the years of my artistic development.  It is no surprise that I should draw from this source once again as I chose the theme for our latest instructional video, The Beginning of Autumn. We expect its release in mid- December.

It has been nearly 10 years since the release of our last instructional video, “Her Mother’s Locket“.  If you enjoyed our last production, I believe you will gain much from this new work as well, as I discuss many of the critical elements in creating a work of art. While the painting unfolds, I discuss first hand many of the same principles found in the “Technical Insights” and work through problems as they are presented at various stages.  In addition to addressing the common issues facing an artist with a live model, I also spend quite a bit of time sharing how I handle working en plein air (in the open air or outdoors) with a figure. Walter Elmer Schofield, the great American Impressionist landscape painter of the last century said it well, “Those wonderful things out of doors… rain, falling snow, wind – all these things to contend with only make the open-air painter love the fight.  We certainly had a “fight”, but as is always the case, it was well worth it.  As the work developed during the week, we were forced to make decisions as to how to deal with changing light, wind, and rain. While these can a bit of stress to the effort, they also add spontaneity and freshness that would have never been possible.  As we persevered, the circumstances afforded many opportunities to discuss the challenges that I regularly face when working from life outdoors.  I hope you can join me as I look forward to sharing the experience with you!

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