Technical Insight #27 from “Not Far from Home”…”Amethyst”


Concepts for paintings arrive in many ways and are derived from various sources.  Sometimes I set out to capture a certain sense of light or to develop a composition in a particular color harmony or tonal range. In other instances, I have conceptualized less before beginning.  In these cases, I design in response to a rhythm of line or the unique characteristics of a model or costume. In Amethyst, I was inspired by the dramatic arching lines of the dress and the color harmony represented in the fabric and flesh tones.  These stirring visual catalysts were accentuated by the models striking presence and beauty.

Also helpful in this set up were the models gracious offering to provide this dramatic dress.  I remember the day well…before the day began while working on another composition of an exuberant flamenco piece which she sat for as well, the model carried this dress in and asked if I might be interested in painting this costume too? My response, “Are you kidding?!!!!”


Enjoy “Amethyst” and many more images in “Not Far from Home”.

book cover new web

Other good news from the studio…we are in the final phases of proofing the DVDs and BLURAYs before replication for our latest instructional video, “The Beginning of Autumn”!


3 responses to “Technical Insight #27 from “Not Far from Home”…”Amethyst”

  • Michal Artal

    Wow, these 2 paintings are breathtaking in their beauty.Your brushstrokes are so expressive. I like the cool colors when the figure turns. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out.
    Thanks for the opportunity to see such beauty.


  • Dot Courson

    Beautiful trailer and look forward to the video. I am a fan.

  • Regine

    Caro Daniel,
    grazie di condividere questo bellissimo video, sono incantata con il tuo lavoro. Anche a me piace la pittura e tu sei un esempio di buon gusto.

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