Bud… Grandpa’s Favorite Story Technical Insight #30

Bud, “Grandpa’s Favorite Story”

Grandfather's favorite Story 36x60

An excerpt from “Not Far from Home”…

“This was the first painting I did using Bud as a model.  When he arrived, he was sure to be clear that he would not model nude.  I managed to assure him that he was safe.  Having relaxed a bit and noticing the entry of the other model (a pretty girl), the real Bud emerged. The composition of this painting evolved very naturally as Bud proceeded to entertain Wendy with story upon story.  He quickly settled into his new niche in life and has had a long successful career in modeling for me.  Often now, as we are working he will ask,  “How long have we been working together now Dan, fourteen or fifteen years?”  He is a wonderful man.

I have done countless portraits and paintings of Bud over the years. At one point while modeling, Bud looked around the room and counted 14 paintings of himself hanging on the walls, and with a grin, made a point of informing me he was my most significant model.

From a technical standpoint when designing a work with multiple figures, one must always pay careful attention to having one of the figures dominant either in terms of value, color, edge, or any combination of the listed.  In this case with the models in close proximity, they can almost be seen as one focal point.  There are 7 works of Bud in “Not Far from Home”… find them all:)

Grandfather's favorite Story detail

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3 responses to “Bud… Grandpa’s Favorite Story Technical Insight #30

  • Marsha Lehmann

    Wonderful post! Great story. Always wonder about your models and how they fit into your lives.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Marsha Lehmann

  • Kelly

    Thanks for sharing your insights.. It’s nice to read what you are and were thinking through the process. I look forward to reading them, but too shy to comment.

  • Terri

    Dan and Jen, I feel so blessed and moved to have had the opportunity to study with you Dan, you’re truly a master. I have enjoyed your family and the dinners provided. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you!! Best to you in the new year, Terri

    Terri Melgar.com Fine art Please visit my website and leave your address and you will be sent a message with any new paintings. Follow me on Facebook

    805-469-8151 Nicholasville, Ky

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