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Technical Insight # 31, “As Evening Settles In”


Often I am asked where I get ideas for the volume of artwork I have produced.  My answer is always the same. “ I simply have to put myself in the position to be inspired”.  What this means for me is to hire a model (or just stand in a landscape) and watch the light envelope the forms and then work like mad to try to capture what I am seeing.

Several years back at a Weekend with the Masters painting conference, I remember Richard Schmid mentioning that the longer he paints, the more and more he sees in terms of vibrating, scintillating, color dancing before his eyes (to paraphrase).  This is certainly true for me as well as the task of putting down the multiplying complexity of what I am seeing becomes more daunting as my years of study increase.  The job of painting the heavy or thin air, capturing of the warm or cool qualities of light, or conveying of atmospheric color around and between objects is a worthwhile pursuit and a rewarding one in the end.

The light in “As Evening Settles In”, page 21 of “Not Far from Home”, provided ample opportunity to explore the opalescent qualities of this light that I speak of.  The violet and cool tones reflected from the sky behind me washed every form before me. One of the challenges for the artist is to always remember this covering and influence of ambient light, repeating the temperature of this light on all top planes of the forms.  The study shows this violet interplay of reflected light as well.

In addition, these principles are thoroughly explained in our latest painting demo video as we worked through the painting, “The Beginning of Autumn”.  Thank you and great painting!

Study for As Evening Settles In




New Testimonial for “The Beginning of Autumn”…

“You truly are an amazing artist, a modern day master! I have watched many videos on painting the portrait and this one is by far the most informative and exciting. Every brush stroke, every color and everything you say reveals an important part of the creative process. You cover all the essentials that go into making a great painting, variety of edges and shapes, correct values, accuracy of drawing, use of warm against cool and balanced composition to name a few. You demonstrate that dedication, persistence and enthusiasm can carry you through a painting even though the conditions are harsh or change but that it is okay to stop when the light changes too much. Your finished painting is awe inspiring! Thank you for creating “The Beginning of Autumn” video to share your knowledge and enthusiasm. It is a masterpiece!”

Carol Reesor


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