20 responses to “Gleanings

  • Jason McPhillips

    Thanks for putting this thing together and out into the world Daniel. The more people understand the complexity and difficulty of representational painting the better.

  • Mary Binford Miller

    Dan, this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing with the world. I took your Fredericksburg and Taos workshops and have a question about a comment you made “way back when”. I could not find it in your book. You mention something about using a black plexiglass mirror and I cannot remember its purpose. Please refresh my memory when you have a spare moment. Thanks so much. Mary Binford Miller

  • Dan Beeman

    Wonderful explanations of what to stay focused on no matter what mile marker we’re at on our canvas road. Thank you. My daughter and son in law live just a couple of miles west of Kewaskum, Wi. My wife and I are in Racine. Are you considering any work shops or demonstrations locally? We would appreciate a heads up. God Bless

  • Harriet Wadro

    Your work is always an inspiration and provides a goal for my own work, thanks for sharing your path. I cannot stress how helpful your guidence is.

  • jubilantart

    Hi Daniel. Thanks so much for this…I’ve been reading and reading and trying to absorb. My head feels as if it is going to burst, but it has been a blessing nonethelesss! God bless, Elmarie

  • Mary Miller-McNutt

    Do you plan on doing a workshop in Nashville, TN in 2012?
    I hope so. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Susie Rachles

    thank you for sharing your wisdom

  • C Betenson

    Love your work. Thank you for sharing and teaching. Already I have learned.

  • lily van Bienen

    Hello, Daniel,
    I really admire your paintings, the lights and brushstroke. I am an amateur who fell in love with painting in oils 4 years ago and am studying hard to learn how to. I hope you decide some time to give workshops, US or Europe, would love to hear from you. Wishing you all the best and many more beautiful paintings!
    Lily van Bienen

  • dallas

    i AM a 71 yr old artist. I love your work. I would love to attend one of
    y our shops if youcould hold one in the tampa fl area. any plans?
    dallas pavone

  • Jill Rudzik

    Never doubt your witness for Jesus. A lot of times it may be just lifting up another believer. This morning I kept saying I don’t want to go to church…I don’t want to… Then I read your blog and looked at your beautiful work and words and went and was blessed. Jill Rudzik

  • karolyn Farrell

    Thanks for planning to come to AR in November. I cannot attend this but want to keep posted on when and where you do others in 2013. Thanks

  • Elenna

    Thank you for the art lessons. I especially appreciate your posts on color temperature & the explanation for how it all helps in creating cleaner and better pictures. And your portraits are wonderful, very alive and beautiful.

  • Maria Siracuse

    Your work moves me like no other….you are a blessing to all who are fortunate enough to gaze upon it.

  • Deborah B.Warren

    Found your work today through many clicks and links on Facebook. Amazing work. My favorite art professor is at Hillsdale College. Sam Knecht. You have a lot in common with light and shadow. Beautiful.

  • Kathy Twisselmann

    A few years ago I timidly returned to oil painting after 20+ years. Your paintings – which I first saw in Plein Air magazine – are wonderful and now I find you’ve written a blog and a book too! Your consistent witness to, appreciation of, and depiction of the beauty the Lord has created all around us is an inspiration to me. Painting gives me great joy, but I was questioning whether it made sense for me to spend time painting when there are other things that seem so much more…”spiritually correct”. Thank you!

  • Ronel

    Hi Dan
    Your work is absolutely inspiring!! I have one of your DVD’s and I cannot believe how many times I have watched it and each time learned something new!!
    It is really sad that I am in South Africa cause i would have liked to do a workshop with you:-))
    Just wondering if you may consider making a video of a full workshop? I think there will be a lot of artists that will be interested in buying it from you!! Thats now in SA :-))

    • danielgerhartz

      HI Ronel,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you have enjoyed the DVD. At this point, we have no plans to film a live workshop. I was careful to cover most of the material in the existing DVD’s for this very reason. I wish you the best as you strive toward excellence!

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