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Technical Insights from “Not Far from Home” #14

Discouragement and “Forgiven”

Have you ever had a day when you were not sure that what you were doing had any meaning?  Or had the feeling that in light of all the world events, this practice of moving colored mud around a canvas may be overwhelmingly trivial.

I was having “one of those days” when I began this work, “Forgiven”.  I am grateful to have been given the energy to push through the discouragement of the moment, because as I began the preliminary drawing on the canvas and the charcoal followed the line of her skull, I was immediately exhilarated with a sense that I was exactly where I needed to be, doing precisely what I had been made for.  The simple act of mimicking the rhythmic and mathematical line of this Egyptian woman’s head created such a sensation…amazing.  I truly believe our Creator had this reaction in mind when our world was knit together. (Not just for me specifically or for artists in general, but for all who respond to His calling, whatever it may be).  For me, this changes everything.

For me it means that investing my time to study beauty and recording it for others to see in a fresh way has tremendous meaning.  This may be an obvious no-brainer to most, but for some reason I need to be reminded of this from time to time.

Discouragement can be a wicked taskmaster, but I find that if when facing it, I simply put myself in the position to be inspired, it will surely dissipate.  And what exactly do I mean by “putting myself in the position to be inspired”. For me, it is simply hiring a model and watching the beauty unfold as the light falls upon it.  Unfortunately, left to my own devices, this does not always happen on its own as it seems at times I would rather mope than be fruitful.  Fortunately, my wife Jennifer then gently reminds me to hire a model and allow myself to be moved… (thanks Jen).

On this week of Thanksgiving in America, among many other things, I am grateful to our Maker for the inspirations I have received and for His endless mercy and undeserved grace as I stumble my way through this life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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