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Technical Insights from “Not Far from Home” #12

Inspiration and “Goodnight Moon”

Inspiration comes in many ways, through different sensory stimuli, and often when I least expect it . The first inkling of inspiration for “Goodnight Moon”, (page 72 from Not Far from Home),  came while reading a children’s book with the same title to our oldest son Nicolai.

What struck me in particular about the illustration on the last page of the book was that the night sky glowed more luminous than the room interior. This effect of light obviously happens in real life as well, but  it wasn’t until I saw it rendered this way that my interest was piqued. My painting in no way resembled the illustration that birthed this composition, but simply was the catalyst to get me started on a direction. With the singular goal of having the night sky brighter than the interior, I worked with the model and existing studio accessories to develop this idea.  Also, to achieve the nocturnal aspect I desired, several studies were made of the night sky.  I was careful to maintain a very simple palette and was also intentional about repeating the color of the night sky throughout the painting.
I am often surprised where the thread of inspiration takes me, particularly when the initial spark has such obscure beginnings. Clearly, that is one part of the process of painting that keeps the excitement alive and so fresh.
So live life and don’t be afraid to follow a lead of inspiration, no matter how unlikely its source.

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